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Welcome to kindlab IRL


research kindness in real life. no lab coat required.


We’re recruiting volunteer Citizen Scientists to help us collect data on kindness. You don't need special equipment or a science degree—just curiosity and a commitment to a kinder world.  

We'll provide training and assign you tasks that you can do in your community according to your schedule. The data and stories you report back to us will be a critical part in shaping the way we understand and cultivate kindness. 

Sound intriguing? Choose a topic below that matches your interest and apply now. 

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Spend at least 20 hours a week working at a company or organization away from home? Help us investigate and define kindness at work so we can make it an essential part of workplace culture.




Do you work or volunteer with the homeless community on a regular basis? We need your help to understand the impact kindness has on people experiencing homelessness.

Got questions? Contact us at

If our current projects are not a good fit, you can still apply to become a Citizen Scientist and we'll keep you updated on future projects.