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Who we are


A kinder world begins with ALL of us. 

We’re a small nonprofit with big goals. We came together from London, New York, and beyond to answer the question:

How would our world transform if each of us put kindness front and center in our lives? 

We're a digital platform designed to reach across oceans and time zones to inspire small ripples of everyday compassion. We listen to our community, combining scientific curiosity with a willingness to nimbly put new ideas into practice. We believe that together, our ripples of kindness can create massive waves of change.


kindness is...

All around us.

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Impactful and measurable.

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Infinite, with imagination.

Serious, and seriously fun.

Sometimes surprising.

A choice for everyone.

Our partners



We believe kindness can change the world. That’s why we’ve enlisted the support of Oxford University to study, investigate, and explore kindness all over the globe. 


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have spaces where everyone is welcome, kind friends are waiting to be found, and community is built around a shared purpose? 



Kindness.org is generously funded by The NEON Foundation. Their multi-year support covers all of our operating costs - so we don't have to ask you, or anyone else, for money.